UHMWPE Fiber (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber/HMPE)

UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber) is a subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene.
It is generated by a gel spinning method using extremely long chains of polyethylene with a molecular mass between 1 and 5 million amu.
UHMWPE is highly resistant to abrasion, impact, corrosive chemicals except for oxidizing acids, and low temperature.

It is self-lubricating, odorless, non-toxic and non-adhesive, and has sufficient electrical insulation, low moisture absorption, and low density.
With such comprehensive characteristics, it has been of extensive use in bulletproof and protection products, such as cables, fishing lines, fishing nets, bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, anti-cutting gloves, and so on.

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Many years of processing expertise in the production of UHMWPE fiber, gives Longkui the capacity to produce 400D-1200D UHMWPE fibers with an annual output of 4000 tons.

We can also customize UHMWPE fiber solutions according to the client’s unique needs; please feel free to contact us.

Product Fiber specification Tenacity Elongation% Rupture modulus
QXL001 400D-600D 32 36 3 1200
QXL-01 800D-1200D 30 34 3.5 1100
QXL-001 1200D-2000D 34 38 3.5 1200
  • Military
    Due to its outstanding impact resistance and impact energy absorption, UHMWPE fiber can be used to produce armor plates for helicopters, tanks, and ships. Also, for body armors, stab-resistant garments, cut-proof clothing, and shields. Besides, it has become the primary fiber occupying the U.S. bulletproof vest market.
  • Aviation
    UHMWPE fiber is suitable for wingtips, spacecraft, and buoy aircraft of various air machinery. It can also be used as the deceleration parachute for the landing of spacecraft and the rope for hanging heavy objects on any flying machine, thus replacing traditional steel cables and synthetic fiber ropes.
  • Cords and cables 
    UHMWPE fiber’s initial use is for rope, cable, sail, and fishing gear production for marine engineering.
  • Sports equipment
    With better performance than traditional materials, UHMWPE fiber has been used in producing sports equipment like helmets, snowboards, sailboards, fishing rods, and rackets, as well as parts of bicycles, gliders, and ultra-lightweight aircraft.
  • Biological material
    UHMWPE fiber is employed as denture base material, medical graft, clinical gloves, and plastic sutures for it is non-allergenic and has biocompatibility, durability, and high safety.
  • Industry and construction
    UHMWPE fiber and its composite material can be utilized for pressure containers, conveyor belts, filtration materials, and automobile cushion plates in the industry, as well as wall, diaphragm structure, and reinforced cement composite material in construction.