UD Fabric

Model SA-353 SA-35S SA-40S HA-35 HA-40
Specification Width(m) 1.2-1.6 1.2-1.6 1.2-1.6 1.2-1.6 1.2-1.6
Length(m) ≥100 ≥100 ≥100 ≥100 ≥100
Areal Density 130g/sqm±5 160g/sqm±5 140g/m2±5 120g/m2±5 110g/m2±5
Ballistic Performance 4.3kg/M²NIJ IIIA 9MM 5kg/m²NIJ IIIANIJ 9MM 3.9kg/m²NIJ IIIA 9MM 22kg/m² AK47/M80 18kg/m²   AK47/M80
18kg/m² 53type 7.62mm steel bullet 100m
5.6kg/M²NIJ IIIA.44MAG 6.4kg/m²NIJ IIIA.44MAG 5.2kg/m²NIJ IIIA.44MAG
Application Overt Carrier Overt Carrier Overt Carrier Ballistic Helmet, Bulletproof Plate Ballistic Helmet, Bulletproof Plate
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High Performance UD Fabric Producers

Yongkang Longkui Protective Equipment Co., Ltd. sells products including bulletproof jackets, ballistic helmets, shields, plates, UHMWPE fibers, and UD fabrics. We are one of the reliable UD fabric producers around the world. 

High-Quality Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric

The unidirectional carbon fiber fabric, a non-woven carbon reinforcement material, has a single, parallel direction in which every fiber runs. The strands in this kind of cloth are flat and there are no spaces between them. No other type of cross-section weave cuts the fiber strength in half. Due to the densely packed density of fibers, this fabric weave offers the greatest conceivable longitudinal tensile potential. This is comparable to structural steel’s longitudinal tensile strength at one-fifth its weight density.


Additionally, carbon fiber composite products receive their maximum strength from the direction of the fiber grains. As a result, unidirectional carbon fiber fabric is the only reinforcement used in composite goods that are stiff and offer the greatest strength in just two dimensions (the direction of the fiber). Its directional strength property makes it an isotropic material similar to wood.

During the layup of a part, the unidirectional textiles can be overlapped at various angles to obtain strength in various directions without sacrificing stiffness. During layup, unidirectional textiles can also be mixed with various carbon fiber fabric weaves to offer different directional strength properties or aesthetics. Choosing us from among the leading UD fabric producers will make you the best. 

Different Uses of UD Fabric

Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth is most frequently used as sandwich layers between woven carbon fabrics when making hulls, vehicle parts, sporting goods, etc. We are not only UD fabric producers but also bulletproof product suppliers.

The maximum strength in a particular direction is the main advantage of using UD fabric.

Due to its low weight, high modulus, and corrosion resistance, it is an ideal substitute for steel in the reinforcement of concrete structures like buildings, bridges, etc.