Bulletproof Vests ‎(Overt Carrier/Ballistic Vest)

The bulletproof vest composes of UHMWPE with a molecular weight of 1.5 million, which can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of warheads and fragments, accordingly, preventing penetration and effectively protecting human life and safety.
The ballistic vest intends for police and military use.
It can be divided into soft ballistic armor, hard ballistic armor, and soft and hard ballistic armor composites by materials.

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No. LK-04 LK-07 LK-09 LK-10
Protection area 0.32 0.28 0.27 0.38
Features of bulletproof vests
  • Made from self-produced UD fabric.
  • Manufactured by high-performance and high-modulus UHMWPE fiber with no interlacing point in one direction.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Designed with a hidden pocket, so that the multi-curve PE bulletproof plate can be placed in the soft body armor of NIJ IIIA level, thus reaching the protection level of NIJ III.
Stab-resistant vest
  • Made from stab-proof materials; polyethylene and aramid chopped strands
  • With ultrahigh strength and density
  • Has high breaking strength and a large elasticity modulus.
  • It is resistant to penetration of pointed weapons like knives and daggers, protecting the body from punctures from edged weapons.
Features of bullet and stab-resistant vest

The bullet and stab-resistant vest adopt two layers of inorganic material and fibrous material, thereby achieving the effect of stab-proof and bulletproof.
Compared to other bullet and stab-resistant products, our vest blended with polyethylene and aramid ultrahigh molecular weight has a weight reduction of at least 25%. The bullet and stab-resistant vests are light-weight, flame retardant, and resistant to low temperature, ultraviolet, aging, water, and ammunition.
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