Bulletproof Plate (Armor Plates)

Made of UD fabric independently developed with UHMWPE fiber
One of the personal protective equipment widely used by military and law enforcement personnel in various countries.
Comes in curved type (single-curved plates and multi-curved plates) and flat type.
There are generally shooters cuts (SC) to facilitate the standard shooting action, and advanced shooters cuts (ASC) to adapt to the different motion amplitudes of the left and right arms when shooting.
Can be divided into STA (stand-alone) hard armor plate and ICW (in conjunction with) hard armor plate by protection type.

PE plates are much lighter than ceramic or metal plates under the same protection level,
Operating temperature of PE plates should be controlled within 80℃ to meet the temperature resistance of 55℃.

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To conforme to the human body structure, our bulletproof plate covers the parts above the navel and below the clavicle of the human body to better protect the important organs such as the heart and lungs from damage. A suitable bulletproof plate should not be too wide to cover more than the chest muscles on both sides of the body, because it may lead to difficulty in motion of the user’s arms, reduce their flexibility during the battle, and hinder the tactical action when using weapons such as guns.


Model Size (mm) Protection level Areal density (kg/m2) Weight (kg)
CB01 250*300 NIJIIIA 6 0.45
CB02 250*300 NIJ III7.62*51mm nato 18 1.35
CB03 250*300 AK47 20 1.5
CB04 250*300 SS109 23 1.72




Protection level Gun Materials Size (mm) Effective protection area Weight
AK47/M80 PE 250*300 0.068 1.5kg±50g
PE+SiC 250*300 0.058 1.6kg±50g
PE+Al2O3 250*300 0.058 2.1kg±50g
in conjunction with vest
AK47/M80 PE 250*300 0.068 1.4kg±50g
PE+SiC 250*300 0.058 1.5kg±50g
PE+Al2O3 250*300 0.058 1.9kg±50g
AK47/M80/SS109 PE 250*300 0.07 2kg±50g
PE+SiC 250*300 0.058 1.75kg±50g
PE+Al2O3 250*300 0.058 2.25kg±50g
in conjunction with vest
AK47/M80/SS109 PE 250*300 0.07 1.9kg±50g
PE+SiC 250*300 0.058 1.65kg±50g
PE+Al2O3 250*300 0.058 2.1kg±50g
PE+SiC 250*300 0.058 2.5kg±50g
PE+Al2O3 250*300 0.058 2.7kg±50g
in conjunction with vest
PE+SiC 250*300 0.058 2.35kg±50g
PE+Al2O3 250*300 0.058 2.55kg±50g