Bomb Blankets​

How it works

The bomb blankets can be cooperatively used with safety rings to endure larger suspect devices. The suspected explosives will be covered with the safety ring and placed in the center, which directs the blast upwards into the bomb blanket, which contains most of the fragments created by the explosion.

If an 82-2 grenade detonates, users 1m away from the explosion center are not fatally injured.
When 200g of TNT explodes, users 3m away from the explosion center protect themselves from fatal injury.

Bomb blankets are a piece of blanket-shaped explosion-proof equipment specially processed with UHMWPE fiber. This can replace the traditional ballistic sandbags to block the shock waves and debris generated by the explosion of bombs.

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Versatile Bomb Blankets Manufacturers  In China

The Bomb Blanket is one of our most versatile and useful pieces of ballistic protection equipment. Our bomb blankets provide ultra-level protection for you and your property against small explosive devices. And also against grenade fragments in a convenient, lightweight container that can be quickly and easily deployed in a variety of threat situations. Using bomb blankets is one of the simplest and most economical ways to provide extra security and identify “safe areas” for personnel.

Being one of the top-notch bomb blankets manufacturers, we make our bomb blankets to lessen the impact of improvised explosive devices. As well as shrapnel from pipe bombs, hand grenades, and other nearby debris (IEDs).

Our lightweight, flexible bomb suppression blanket that better absorbs the blast effect and lessens blast damage is available only on our platform.

Using Our Bomb Blankets

  • We design our Bomb Suppression Blanket to be used in public areas to lessen explosive fragmentation, which is to blame for most damage and injuries.
  • You can place the blanket over the device and confinement ring. The blanket gets the blast’s force straight from the blast, which is where the majority of the explosion’s debris is placed. The use of two or more containment rings and blankets allows for the containment of larger explosive devices.
  • The numerous layers of ballistic filler are enclosed by an outer cover with lifting straps. The blanket and confinement ring can both be compressed into a compact, carry-on bag. All these are what differentiates us from other bomb blanket manufacturers & ballistic fabric supplier.
Applications of Ultra Level Protection Bomb Blanket

Bomb blanket applications include:

  • IED/IOD Operation
  • Demining operations
  • Blast suppression in nuclear facilities, at-risk governmental buildings, and non-governmental structures.
  • Vehicle and aircraft interiors and flooring with ballistic-blast protection.

We are one of those bomb blankets manufacturers who are ready to cater to your needs always.

Note: After the explosion, the bomb blanket (safety ring) should not be used again.

Scope of application

Bomb blankets are used in all places where explosives need to be isolated to protect personal and environmental safety.

Name Bomb blanket
Size 160*160cm
Material UHMWPE UD fabric
Inner safety ring inner diameter 45cm; height 30cm
Outer safety ring inner diameter 60cm; height 15cm
Explosion-proof ability anti-explosion of 82-2 grenade
Weight 29.5kg