PASGT ballistic helmet
  • Material: PE
  • Protection level: NIJ IIIA
  • Weight: less than 1.45kgs/pc (large size)

PASGT (Personnel Armor System For Ground Troops) ballistic helmet designed to resist direct shooting of grenades, mines, mortars, bombs and other fragmentation weapons, 9mm pistols, and shotgun shells, rather than rifle bullets. A two-layer suspension system is installed in the helmet to keep the helmet 1.3cm from the head, which helps maintain good ventilation and effectively reduces the external impact to protect the head from shock. The head protection area (medium size) is 1,129 cm2, and the helmet is resistant to fragmentation impact at a speed of 663 m/s (V50 fragment performance). Our ballistic helmet, being composed of pure UHMWPE fiber, is the most cost-effective ballistic material with excellent bulletproof performance and strictly controlled quality.

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